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Pure Water filter bottle is a high-quality, durable and stylish bottle. As you love sports and care about health so much, Pure Water filter bottle will support you every day.
When you work out at the gym or park, or go hiking outdoors, you can easily filter the water from the dispenser and enjoy fresh and clean water.

  • Reduce chlorine, soluble lead, bad taste, and organic chemicals that can adversely affect your health over time.
  • Made with advanced water treatment and filtration technology.
  • Be able to effectively filter 252 bottles of water (120 liters of water) for up to 4 weeks with filters made in Japan.
  • Enjoy BPA free filter bottles made with safe, high-quality, and durable materials.

Live with water

Water filtering membrane

The activated carbon fiber filter with a precision of 0.01mm (with a diameter of 4.7 cm and a thickness of 4 mm) was developed by the Japanese water treatment technology authority, Kurita Industrial Co., Ltd.(Kurita), aiming to improve the quality of water resources and enhance the quality and health of human life.

The activated carbon fiber filter is certified by Japan JIS-S3201 industry standard, effectively filtering 80% water impurities.

Filters effectively reduce 4 major impurities

Kurita specializes in water treatment technology and contributes to society with its expertise. In this environmentally-friendly era, Kurita’s waste water recycling technology has spread through Japan. In recent years, the company has established research centers in Germany and Singapore, extending business to the whole world.

As an authoritative water resources research and development institution in Japan, Kurita is committed to promoting the development of technologies related to water treatment. The aim of the company is to become an institution that integrates into the community. Therefore, it is continuously pursuing new technologies to improve water quality and recycle waste water. Making full use of water resources achieves true environmental protection.



Thoroughly clean the bottle.


Take out a new filter and flush it with running water for 30 seconds.


Press the filter in the holder firmly.


Tighten the holder to the bottle and twist the bottle cap.


Product information


Q What is needed for the first-time use of the Pure Water filter?

Flush the filter with running water for 30 seconds before using for the first time.

Q How long do Pure Water filters last?

Activated carbon fiber filter with a precision of 0.01mm can filter 120 liters of water (each piece can be used for up to 60 days, for example, if you drink water 4 times a day.)。

Q Which side of the filter should face up?

Both sides work.

Q Can Pure Water filter bottles be placed in a refrigerator?

No. Freezing a Pure Water filter bottle may result in damage to the bottle or the filter.

Q Can Pure Water filter bottles store other drinks besides water?

No. Substances other than water can cause damage to the bottle or the filter, so we do not recommend customers to store drinks besides water.